In 1812, the Maison BRUNO COURT was created in Grasse, which we hold to be the historical reference of exclusive perfumery. The originality of his creations and his attraction to personalization attracted the European and Russian aristocracy, who traveled thousands of kilometers to have their perfumes made to measure. Her demand for quality led her to want to master all the stages of making a perfume, from growing and picking the fields of flowers that lined her workshop, where her assistants played fragrant music, to her organ of perfumes where new scores were composed every day.

We convinced Emilie BOUGE, 4th generation of perfumers in Grasse, whose grandparents owned the BRUNO COURT house, to lend her support to our project to develop modern exclusive perfumery on this path of personalization.

In 2009, the BRECOURT brand was created. Over time, Emilie BOUGE has succeeded in refining the formulation technique we were looking for, and we have built our own workshops in Grasse to control the manufacturing phases and allow us to achieve our objective of excellence.


When we imagine a perfume, we break it down, like a painter, into different facets which, once assembled, will create the final emotion. For each of these facets, we ask Emilie BOUGE to create a specific perfume which we call emotional filter.

Each emotional filter requires a lot of testing, and it is only when they are all successful that the perfumer devotes himself to a virtuoso work in their marriage and their dosage until the signature of the perfume that you will wear.

It is now that a new story begins, that of the perfume and its host. The perfume must still adapt, evolve, you must give it life at every moment.
To do this, your perfume will be surrounded by two differently dosed spray versions, a cologne and an absolute, which will allow you to play on its intensity, but also two emotional filters that you can glide over your skin, depending on your personality, circumstances or your mood, to create your personal, unique touch.

Our concept of personalization
Emilie BOUGE - Perfumer


The magic that connects the petals of a flower that is distilled to the skin of a woman or a man, to generate an emotional experience, is the highest poetic expression that nature gives us.

This invisible olfactory link that connects man to nature is unique to each person, and above all it is alive, it evolves over the day, intentions, and life.
We work very precisely on this unique and complex link.

But the last step, that of the personal touch, the one that creates the spark, can only be worn by those who wear perfume, because they know themselves better than anyone, because they have a secret objective, because at this moment he wishes to write in the history of some memories a moment which will remain etched in a subliminal way.

We work to give you the means to achieve this supreme refinement, the final touch.


The art of perfumery is conceived as a symphony of notes, accords and molecules.

Our perfumes are made and assembled using traditional methods in our workshop in Grasse, the world cradle of perfumery listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

The fact of having our own production lines enables us to guarantee perfect execution of all phases from the design to the marketing of our perfumes, and to respond to all requests, in particular to be able to decline several different concentrations of the same fragrance and to associate it with emotional filters that allow our customers to personalize their perfume according to their mood, the use they make of it, or quite simply according to their taste.