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The Brecourt perfume creation workshop combines the finest raw materials with the traditional know-how of French haute perfumery.

An ultimate refinement that will give you a unique and exclusive experience.

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We design very high quality perfumes which are assembled in our own workshop, in an artisanal way, and in the respect of tradition, in Grasse.

The fragrances are the result of a specific formulation method that has been developed over the last ten years, so that we can now offer a solution that allows you to personalize your fragrance, either by modifying its intensity or by adding emotional materials, without distorting the signature.

We believe that the ultimate refinement and elegance lies in that last personal touch that creates the spark.

Our boxes contain in addition to the bottle you have chosen, two sprays, the first containing a Cologne version, dosed at 10%, and the second an Absolute version, dosed at 25%. The box also contains two roll-ons, each containing notes, accords or molecules, which will allow you to make your perfume unique, by slightly modifying its sound.

Our emotional filters will allow you to play on both the intensity and the prism of your perfume to seek and achieve a perfect match with your skin. Emotional filters can be applied directly to the perfume.

Your relationship with your perfume can change as many times as you want during the day, depending on your mood and the circumstances.

We are now working to offer a totally exclusive service to our customers who will soon be able to order one of our custom-made fragrances.

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